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Plant Type

A plant’s type is a general way to classify the various types of plants that exist. Plant types are typically in non-scientific terms such as tree or a shrub.

Sun Exposure

Specific plants require or prefer certain amounts of sunlight. The right amount of exposure to sunlight is crucial for plant health.

Temp / Zone
Soil Type

Specific plants prefer growing in certain types of soil. Soil types are identified with respect to the particles present in the particular soil sample and can be incorporated to modify one type of soil into another type of soil.

Soil Drainage

Specific plants prefer certain amounts of soil moisture, which is often related to drainage. Soil drainage can vary or be modified with the type of soil, lay of the land, climate conditions, irrigation, and the amount of organic matter in the soil.

Flower Color

Level of Care

While some plants require very little if any maintenance or care, others might require an average or high level of maintenance and care.

Water Needs

While some plants require frequent or regular supplement to maintain vigor and overall health, others require average to little if any attention to watering.

Growth Rates

Growth rate has to do with how fast or slow a specific plant generally grows with preferred climate, soil type, soil drainage, and exposure to sunlight.


Specific types of plants are known to attract various types wildlife, such as butterflies and hummingbirds, beneficial insects, and even visual attention from human beings.

Average Height

The average height of a plant refers to the height a plant might reach at its maturity or when it is full grown. The actual height can vary greatly depending on region, climate, soil type, exposure to sun, irrigation, and other factors.

Average Width

The average width of a plant refers to how wide a specific plant might grow at its maturity, or when it is full grown. The actual width can vary greatly depending on region, climate, soil type, exposure to sun, irrigation, space, and other factors.

Foliage Color

Foliage color refers to the leaf color of a plant. Leaf color of a specific plant can be a single color or b variegated in color: having two or more colors on the same leaf.


The foliage or flowers of some plants are fragrant, which means they have a pleasant scent or smell, or aromatic; which means their fragrance fills the air in the surrounding environment. Other plants have no fragrance at all.

Season of Color
Resistant To

Many plants are natural resistant - or have developed special resistances - to things or conditions that might otherwise harm or be of detriment other plants.

Landscape Uses
Growth Habits

The habit of growth of a plant is the general aspect or mode of growth of a plant, it may be low-growing, tall, erect, prostrate, spreading, trailing, bushy, and so on.

Theme Gardens

A theme garden is one in which two or more types or varieties of plants are arranged in a garden plot that revolves around a specific theme.

Culinary Usages
Fruit Maturity

Fruit maturity refers to fruit bearing plants and the average amount of time it takes for a mature fruit to form from a full bloom on a plant.

Soil pH

Soil pH is measure or degree of soil acidity or soil alkalinity. Specific plants require certain levels or ranges of soil pH for optimal performance, growth, and overall health.

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