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Whether aware of it or not, all of us like to be around trees because they make life more pleasant. We respond to the presence of trees beyond simply observing their beauty. We feel serene, peaceful, restful, and tranquil when around trees...we are "at home" there. Trees can serve many purposes in the landscape. In addition to aesthetic and ecomomic value derived from trees, they can provide shade, climate control, color, and height in the landscape and garden.

In Gardenality Trees, anyone from the novice to the expert can find and share information and answers to learn more about trees.

How Much Do You Know About Crape Myrtles?

This quiz will test your knowledge on Crape Myrtles   Take This Quiz »

How Much Do You Know About Japanese Maples?

This quiz will test your knowledge or educate you a little on Japanese Maples and caring for them.   Take This Quiz »


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