How Do I Repel Chipmunks?

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How do I get the cute little / pesky chipmunks to stop digging in my flower pots? Everyday I see new dirt on the ground around my flower pots and repair the damage they are causing.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Sandy,

There are a few proven methods by which to repel the chipmunks. Here we go:

#1 Repellents - Red Fox Urine. There's a granular form under the name of 'Shake Away'. It repels Chipmunks. Another repellent that's supposed to work very well is made by Bonide and is called Shotgun REPELS ALL. Red Hot Pepper Wax works well too. Bonide has a product made with Pepper Wax.

#2 Traps. - Many different traps available. Once trapped you can take them far away from your property.

#3 Mothballs. - Perhaps the cheapest way to rid yourself of the chipmunks without killing them.

#4 Cat Urine or Used Cat Litter. Cats are chipmunks worst friend.

#5 Move - No I'm just kidding.

I have the little critters as well. I lost my cat last year and have lots of chipmunks scurrying around my property. So far the damage is minimal. I'll probably try the Shotgun Repels All... by Bonide first. I have owned a retail nursery for 23 years and have heard that this stuff works very well. I like granular products and it is granular.

Hope this helps you out!

Brooks Wilson)

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Dave Tomasula

Dave Tomasula · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
how about plain old chili powder . ?

8 years ago ·
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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · I love the chipmunks but it seems our neighbors cat has taken care of the one's around our house.)

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Sandy McGinnis

Sandy McGinnis · Gardenality Bloom · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
I wish my neighbor's cats took care of mine but he just seems to lay around and watch them. I also used to have an outdoor cat that lived at my house but belonged to my neighbor but she came up missing. Kinda sad, she was a sweet cat. We all miss her.

8 years ago ·
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Answer #4 · Lisa Addison's Answer · Our guard cat brought us another one as a present yesterday!)

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Answer #3 ·'s Answer · Yeah Dave. Chili Powder might do the trick. Worth a shot, and it's cheap. That or moth balls.)

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