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Just bought this above plant and it came in a plastic pot. Do I just submerge it right into my pond and how deep should it go? Also do I need to repot in a mesh pot?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Coralee-Your Little Giant Papyrus can be planted up to 12" below the water. I have had papyrus do well in my pond at 6" to 8". Many of these plants may come in 4" or 1 gal. plastic pots. I like using the black plastic nursery growing containers for plants in my pond. The shallower wider pots (Squat Pots) found in nurseries work really well as the wider based pots are more stable for tall plants. I cover the drain holes with a piece of burlap or mess material purchased at any fabric store to keep the soil from moving into the pond. I would probably start the papyrus in an 8" to 10" pot. This will give it plenty of room for the first year or two before wanting to divide the plant or move up to a larger pot. If your pot is this size now you could use it, but you may want to replant it in a proper soil for the pond and cover the soil with pebbles so the soil doesn't float away or muddy up your pond.

There is a good article in Gardenality on planting pond plants and one on aquatic plants for ponds. Just click on the links I have noted below to go directly to these articles.

Hope this helps.


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