Planting Japanese Maple Near Water Line

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I planted two(2)Japanese Maples' this week.I only planted them about 4ft. from my water line(the line that supplies water to my home).Is that too close to the line?If so I'll move them before it's too late.They've been in the ground less than a week now,so they should be easy to move.I'm concerned about the future growth of the roots interfereing with my water line.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Bruce,

Good question.

I have 65 Japanese Maples in my home landscape. I'm kind of an enthusiast and addict where Japanese Maples are concerned. I also know a little bit about them. If The Japanese Maples you planted are dwarf varieties you have no worries. Japanese Maples are primarily top rooted, meaning that their roots don't go very deep. The root systems of Japanese maples are not aggressive. Some of the larger growing Japanese Maples will of course have a larger root system. Keep in mind that if your water line is plastic pipe it should be flexible. Plastic pipe will move a good bit before actually cracking. Roots generally work their way around underground pipes. All of this being said I would say that you shouldn't have a problem whether you have larger or smaller growing Japanese Maples. Even if there was a problem down the road you have the option to move the waterline so as to work around the root system of your trees. That is unless we are talking about huge growing water loving trees such as River Birch, Weeping Willows, Elms, and others. These trees have such large roots that it would be possible in time to see roots crack underground plastic pipes.

Long story short, If it were me, I wouldn't move the trees. I'm not telling you not to, that is your choice in the end, but If the trees look good where they are, I'd leave em'.

Hope this helps you with your decision.

Brooks Wilson))

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Bruce-Brooks is right. The Japanese maple does not have an invasive root system. I have a few large Bloodgoods that have been growing directly over some irigation PVC piping for years and have had no problem at all. I had to add a line off one of them a while back and even working around the root system was not difficult. The lines under my trees are fairly shallow and probably a lot closer to the surface than your homes main line. I just wish I had enough room for the maples Brooks has. I'm a Japanese maple addict to, but can only stuff 28 of them in my yard and most are in containers.

Hope this helps.


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