How Do I Get Rid Of Armadillos?

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How do I get rid of Armadillas? They are burring holes all over my yard. We've tried to trap them to no avail. We've sprayed some kind of urine away, put out red pepper flakes and they keep coming back. We've also treated our yard for grubs thinking that's what they're after. Now what? Help!

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Answer #4 · Bill Anton's Answer · I've been very successful using a Hav-A-Hart type trap and have trapped about 30 armadillos in the past 5-6 years. I then relocate them to a park area faraway from the house, because they do have an extensive range. If you have that kind of trap, it may take some experimentation to find the right "path" they travel at night. I've had best results locating my trap on the edges of the lawn, and near the fence lines. Keep moving it until you hit the best spot. There's no need to bait the trap as they are blind as bats and will stroll right into it without being enticed. Good luck and happy armadillo hunting!)

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Answer #1 · Doug Hansen's Answer · Hey,
Unfortunately there is not one answer that will work all the time. What you've done so far is what many have done or are doing and some going even further with the gun. We carry a repellant that you hook to your hose and spray over your lawn so as to make its food taste bad therefor causing them to leave. Its pretty much castor oil. Fencing in your lot would be the most effective solution but you would have to have the fencing go deeper than 12 inches underground to keep them from going under and the fence would need to be as difficult to climb as possible seeing as how they can climb.
Good luck with them, I hope this helps.

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi L-I always thought Armadillos were just squirrels that wear armored jackets to protect them from cars. Just kidding. Here in So. Ca. we never see the Armadillo, but the raccoons do the same damage to our gardens digging for grubs and worms.

I had tried everything as you have; Terrifying scents, noice makers, lighting, but the raccoons stil used my gardens and kitchen as their favorite dinning spot. Researching the problem I found that these cute fuzzy critters dislike being blasted with water. I installed some movement sensing sprinklers and for over two years now I have not had one raccoon dig in my yard. I'm not sure how armadillos will react to a three second noise and blast of water towards them, but it may be something you can look into. In my opinion guns should never be used. It is not the animals fault they do what they have to in order to survive. Us humans brought them here and we just have to find ways of dealing with them.

An aricle on Gardenality explains the working of this movement sensing system. You can click on the link I noted below to go directly to this article.

Hope this helps - John)

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Answer #3 · L Wheeler's Answer · Thanks, we'll try it!)

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Maple Tree

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Your very welcome. Let me know how you make out.

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