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What is the best method for planting aquatic plants in my koi pond?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Well, for starters, if you have koi in your pond you'll want to make sure not to leave any soil exposed in the containers your plants are being grown in. Always apply rocks or some type of gravel atop soil in plant pots as koi fish will dig in and disturb the soil making your pond water cloudy. When planting your aquatic plants in containers that will be submerged in your garden pond, plastic containers or clay pots work well. Your local nursery and garden center can often provide you with the black containers nursery plants are grown in. Line these containers with several layers of newspaper before planting them with your aqautic plant. Hold your plant in the newspaper-lined container and fill around the roots with native dirt dug from your garden or natural wooded area. Check with whoever you bought the aquatic plant from as to proper planting depth in the pot. Once your pot is backfilled completely, cover soil with stones or rocks large enough that your koi fish will not be able to move them with their mouths.)

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