Will Texas Bluebonnets Grow From Seed In Georgia?

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Does anyone know whether bluebonnets will grow from seed in Georgia (Zone 8)?

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Nikki,

Texas Bluebonnets will grow in Georgia., however, Bluebonnets do not like acidic soil, such as we have in Georgia. This being said, make sure to prepare the planting bed with a good soil mix and plenty of pelletized lime. The lime will adjust the pH so as to create an alkaline condition. It is advisable to have a soil test done. Soil samples can be taken to your local extension office and sent off for testing, The process can take up to several weeks. There are do-it-yourself soil pH testing kits available at most garden centers. Immediate results can be achieved by doing it yourself. Bluebonnets prefer a pH of between 7-8. Make sure they are planted in a well drained soil. Place the seeds on the soil surface and rake in lightly. Raking is not necessary but may provide for better germination. Bluebonnets prefer to be planted during cooler months. With temperatures between 55-70 degrees they should germinate in 1-4 weeks.

Hope this helps you!

Brooks Wilson)

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Nikki Cline

Nikki Cline · Gardenality Seedling · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
As always, thanks very much for the quick reply!

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