Prune & Fertilize Confederate Rose Hibiscus

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I need to find out how to care for a Confederate Rose in my 8a zone. I think it is a hibuscus.

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Caring for a Confederate Rose Hibiscus is quite easy. You can fertilize it with a well-balanced shrub and tree or flower food in spring, after the new growth has emerged. I like using Milorganite, a non-burning plant food. On a small plant I would use a couple handfuls of Milorganite. On larger, more mature plants I would broadcast four or five handfuls in an area about 3 feet or so out from the main trunk(3).

Regarding pruning in zone 8, where the top of the plant usually dies back to the ground, I usually prune mine back to short stumps in 6 to 12 inches tall in late winter. Some people might wait until spring when the new growth starts to emerge from the base of the plant. Either way is fine. I don't prune mine during the active growth season as the plant fills out nice and thick on its own.

Because the Confederate Rose Hibiscus is such a leafy plant, it might be necessary to provide supplemental water on a regular basis during prolonged summer droughts until average rainfall resumes.

That's about all there is to caring for Confederate Rose Hibiscus. Hope this info helped.


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