Best Palm Trees For Georgia- Hardiness Zone 8

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I live on Jackson Lake and would like to plant a palm tree near the water. What palm tree would do well in our area?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Roger,

Here's a some good selections of Palm Trees that will survive the winter in Georgia:

Windmill Palm
European Fan Palm
Pindo Palm
Silver Saw Palmetto
Needle Palm

You can find plant files/pages here on Gardenality for the above listed Palms. Just type in the name at the Search Gardenality bar at the top of any page on the site.

Hope this helps you out.

Brooks Wilson)

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Roger-Brooks has given you a nice selection of palms that will grow in your location. One thing you might think about, if you haven't already, before choosing a palm is the result you are trying to achieve. Will this palm stand alone or will it be planted in an existing landscape as a specimen or to compliment other plants? Is the palm going to be enjoyed up close or from a distance? Palms can vary drastically in their leaf shape, color, width, and height. I live in Southern Calif. and palms are everywhere, mostly in the wrong places. Most people here plant windmill or washinton palms as they are beautiful when young. Many discover in a few years their palm has blocked a view of something or its foliage is on its way to the moon. Most are so tall that in order to view their foliage you need to be a mile away. Maybe you want to add the beauty of a palm to an already great view of the water. Maybe you want to frame your view with a palm. Brooks has given good palm choices with heights from 6' to 50' for you to look at. Take your time and your choice will be one you will enjoy for years.)

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