How To Reduce Nitrogen Count From Urine Mulch?

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Recently aquired a pickup load of horse bedding. It is all tiny wood chips and urine . What can I mix with it to bring down the nitrogen count. I am using it in raised bed.

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Are you using the horse bedding as a soil amendment or as a mulch in the raised bed?

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Urine contains urea (amoung other things), a metabolic byproduct and a ready source of nitrogen for plants. Salt is also a metabolic byproduct. So, if straight urine were used it should be diluted when applied so that the salt does not accumulate in the soil. But, since you're mixing the urine-drenched horse bedding with compost, in effect diluting it, you should be okay. The nitrogen level shouldn't be a problem. After prepping your soil bed, to be on the safe side, you might want to have the soil tested to get a reading on nitrogen and other levels, including pH.

This being said, with the exception of adding fallen leaves to garden soil, I always compost everything else before adding it to garden soil. Composting helps to destroy pathogens and unwanted seeds. My father once made the mistake of using freshly chipped pine pulp as a mulch around some 2 to 3 year old silver maple trees. It literally killed the trees.)

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Answer #1 · Tess Zafereo's Answer · Actually,niether. I am mixing it with compost and growing greens in it)

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