How To Make Pine Straw Mulch Look Tidy?

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Good morning,
Was reading your article on mulch.. & I do like pine straw the best, as it's easier on these old bones to apply, BUT I can never get the " finished " look the landscapers do with the ? tucked in rounded edges... do they use long needled straw.. their beds always look so much more tidy than mine ever do.. do you have the tip I need???

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Jeanne - This is a very good question...and the answer as to how to get that tidy finished look is fairly simple. I spent several years in the lawn maintenance and landscaping business before going into the nursery business so can tell you the technique we always used when installing pine straw on the properties we maintained. Some landscapers use a blower to "tuck" the straw, but I always use a leaf rake first and then a hard/garden rake to put on the finishing touch. Regarding the type of pine straw you use, it doesn't matter as both can be tucked to get that finished look. That being said, long needle pine straw is fluffier, not to mention the prettier color holds 5 times longer and it doesn't decompose as rapidly. Needless to say, when and if available, I ALWAYS use long needle pine straw. Anyway, back to the method for tucking it. First, when spreading the pine straw in a landscape bed, make sure to spread a thin layer (about a foot or so wide) of pine straw along the OUTSIDE of the border of the bed as well. Then, after having spread the pine straw, standing inside the bed use a leaf rake to pull the pine straw that you spread outside of the bed towards you to the bed line. This will give you that fluffed up, raised bed look. Then I usually go back with a hard rake and put some finishing touches on the tuck, working from the outside of the bed pushing any straggler needles to the bed line. Finally, I'll usually wet it down a little using the garden hose in case a strong wind blows before some rain comes. Hope this info helped. - Brent)

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Answer #2 · Jeanne Morrison's Answer · Thank you so much.. I'm going to try it..)

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