Plants For Wet, Moist, And Boggy Soil

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I have an area of my garden that floods constantly whenever it rains. It turns into a marshy, mucky mess, but when it's very dry the soil bakes, crakes etc...I haven't been able to find plants that were suitable for this area since there is no sun. Is the Confederate Rose Hibiscus to delicate for an area like this? If so do you have any suggestions for a more suitable plant?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Gretchen - Confederate Rose Hibiscus would appreciate consistently moist soil but it also likes alot of sun. If this area is shady I think the hibiscus would grow very thin and probably not bloom much. Too, Hibiscus mutabilis is listed to grow from zones 7 to 9. You might be right on the edge? If the site is shady and the soil consistently moist, and you're looking for larger growing shrubs, Florida Anise (Illicium floidanum) might be a good choice. Only problem is, it's also listed to zone 7a.

In an attempt to find plants that would perform well in your area under the specified conditions, using the Plant Search here in Gardenality, and making selections for Zone 6a, Shade, and Poorly Drained Soil, I got the results you can find here:|1|214|0|1,21|1|247|0|1,3|1|22|0|1

When you get to the Search page you can narrow the search by making other selections.

Hope this was helpful.)

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