Companion Plants For Betty Blue Lavender

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What companion plants go with Betty Blue Lavender?

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2 Answers

Answer #1 · Tina Lenox's Answer · Great companion plants for your Betty's Blue would be any of your thread leaf Coreopsis, red or pink Coneflowers ex: Pow Wow, Double Delight or Double Decker. Some other companion plants that would be considered your lower growers would be Trailing White Lantana or White Moss Verbena.
I've started a Lavender garden and have added in addition to Betty's Blue and several others.... Backhouse Nana,Tucker's Early Purple and Baby Blue. Last year I had several rebloomers in mid October. I can't wait to see which ones do it this year.)

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Without naming any other plant cultivars specifically, because there are too many to name, I'll give a few general suggestions and maybe some recommendations for other plant genus that might be good companions.

I'd recommend using lavender as a companion plant in or along the perimeter of the vegetable garden because it attracts beneficial insects that will keep harmful insects away from your vegetable plants.

Look for other fragrant plants to combine in a garden with lavender. Agastache, fragrant orgegano, fragrant salvias/sages, santolina, rosemary and thyme are a few good fragrant companions. Plant these near a sitting area where you can enjoy the aroma.

Because lavender is so drought tolerant when established, it is useful in a Xeriscape garden (one with low water needs) combined with other drought tolerant plants such as lantana, sedums, yucca, cactus, and other succulents and drought tolerant ornamental and flowering plants.

Betty Blue can be combined with other varieties/cultivars of French and English hybrid lavenders that bloom at different times, extending the blooming season.

You could also combine Lavender with other plants from the Mediterranean region such as Santolina, Rosemary, or Stachys (Lambs Ears) to recreate a look found at villas in southern France or Italy.

Hope this gave you some ideas.)

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