Question About Sun Parasol Giant White Mandevilla

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I purchased one of these and without doing any research at all, I have now become aware of it not being in the best of climate for this plant, Zone 5A. It did not do well the first two or so months, but now it's definitely taking off and growing.. I have it located in the corner of my north face porch. I will more than likely loose it to the winter, but am willing to try to help it out in any way I can. Can you give me some hints as to what I might do to have it sprout next spring?

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Answer #1 · Shivani Hed's Answer · Dipladenia is a bushier plant whose stems grow down and hang. The two plants have similar brightly colored flowers, but the mandevilla has a larger flower typically in red. Both plants need the same bright light and Dipladenia care is the same as that for the Mandevilla vine.

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