Best Trees For A 2 Foot Wide Curb Strip

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What trees can be planted in a 2 foot wide curb strip without the roots lifting the sidewalk or spreading underground and sending up shoots in the yard? I have two non-fruiting plum trees that have lifted the sidewalk which is now a safety hazard. They send out roots that sprout up to 15 feet away from the tree. These trees have been grafted onto a green leafed trunk.

An arborist told me a blood red maple or a parrotia persica/Vanessa could be good choices. Any other trees?

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3 Answers

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Answer #1 · Kathi F.'s Answer · Hi,

There are a few Dogwood or Crabapple trees that might work good in that spot. The Kousa dogwood is very pretty.

I know this is a year later. But hoped it helped.)

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