Bougainvillea Dropped All Flowers

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Hi, I bought 4 hanging bougainvillea from a nursery. They were the most beautiful and full blooms of all they had. They WERE stunning. I hung them on my front porch that gets sun all day. They are just under the slight over hang of the house so don't get full sun until noon. We live in NC and lately it's be getting more humid. It also rained and they caught some of the rain.The nursery said don't water until it's dried out. They also said mix 1 tbls the blooming fertilizer into 1 gallon of water and use they said and I can use this every time I I did. I noticed the blooms started to fall off when I water until they were dried out. I went to Lowe's hardware nursery and they water their bougainvillea everyday and said until the water comes through the bottom. Their bougainvillea are beautiful. I'm very confused and my flowers are not happy. They also told me I can cut them back and I asked her should I cut at angle and she said it didn't matter, but I read you have to cut at an angle. I've been given back advice and now my plants are paying for plz. Any advice is helpful. I've taken pictures of them if that will help. Also I watered 2 days ago and I felt under the pot in the holes and roots are still wet. I sat them in the sun early this morning to maybe help it dry out faster.

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