Small Tree Suggestion For Area With Shade?

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Hi! I'm really (*really*) new to gardening. My wife and I bought a house recently and it has a square area about 6'x6' right next to the front door that I would like to put a small, decorative tree in. The area is under pretty much constant shade (the sun is on the wrong side of the house) and when it rains water drains rather heavily into this area (I am looking at putting gutters up (none right now), but wondering if there's something I can get away with if I don't do that just yet). The area of course is also close to the foundation so that's a concern. I'm hoping for a pretty 5 or 6 foot tall tree for this area which is next to the front door and also situated in front of a window.

All that being said, this might be a horrible idea to begin with, but I wondered if someone might have advice for a tree I could put in.

My favorite tree is a Japanese Maple, the Crimson Queen, and I think it would work. However, I do think they can be killed by over-watering (might be wrong about that?) and I worry about the rain drain off.

Second contender is a Weeping Redbud. I just saw some of these at the garden center and think they look amazing when they bloom. I don't know much about their sun requirements though or their heavy water tolerance.

Third, I like the Japanese Magnolia, but I know next to nothing about it and imagine it probably gets humongous like other Magnolias? That wouldn't work here, I'm looking for a small tree.

Any advice or opinions? Other suggestions? It's nice and green where I live, but that's about the only color (besides brown). I want some color!


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