How Much Water Does Purslane Need In Order To Flower?

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I have various purslane planted in pots around our property, some flower and grow well and some don't, I'm wondering if the ones that don't look as good simply need more water because it seems like the ones that are looking better get a bit more shade. I thought that they were more of a drought tolerant plant.

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Answer #1 · Matt Heidke's Answer · Drought tolerant plants still need some love too haha. I would say that the ones in direct sunlight are probably using most of their energy and water resources keeping healthy...try moving some of the ones in direct sun just a bit so that they maybe get some more shade in the afternoon or morning. Also make sure that they are getting a bit more water during these hot months and they should recover nicely.)

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Melinda Marsh

Melinda Marsh · Gardenality Seedling · Zone 6A · -10° to -5° F
Ha,ha,I guess i do tend to neglect them a bit, I've been trying to do better and they have recovered,we've also been getting more rain and a little cooler weather.

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