Pruning Acacia "Cousin Itt"

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Does anybody have experience with pruning the "Cousin Itt" variety of Acacia to keep it small? I'd like to know if it's realistic to keep a plant to 3' wide and 2' tall. Also, what style of pruning is best (e.g., removing older branches, trimming ends...?)? Thank you.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Christopher-I have only grown a couple of this acacia variety in pots and have not had to prune them. Hopefully other members have pruned theirs and can tell you how well they recover from any hard pruning. The only pruning I have done is to cut out a few stems each year that have died back and any winter damaged stem tips. The only information I can find regarding pruning of this plant is that they recover well from tip pruning. Being that they are slow growing with only a few noting they recover well from light pruning I'm thinking they may not recover well from hard pruning to keep them as small as you would like. Hopefully others can help more with your question. Your local quality nursery or Cooperative extension service may be of help also.


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