Planted Palm Turning Brown

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I had to move a palm that was planted in my yard here in Tampa. I potted it with a mix of potting soil and sand. It has been browning on the edges. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Andrew-You may not have done anything wrong. The browning may be caused by some transplant shock. Possibly some roots were cut or damaged during the transplant causing some leaf burn. Sometimes moving a plant to another location may cause some browning for several reasons before it becomes acclimated to its new environment. Do you know what kind of palm you have? Can you upload a picture of the palm and an up close picture of the browning frond? This may help to identify the problem. Above this comment and to the right of your name below your question you will see where you can upload any pictures you have saved on your computer. Was the palm moved to an area with more direct sunlight? Has the palm been fertilized when moved? High nitrogen fertilizers can sometimes cause burning of the leaves. A change in light, too little or too much water, and fertilization too high in nitrogen can all cause the leaf tips and margins to brown.

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