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I live on Long Island Zone 7 and interested in using ground cover instead of mulch. My property has a number of garden beds two of which are slopes that haven't proved ideal for mulch given rain run off. I find bulk mulch to be poor quality. I want to switch to using a ground cover. I have varying sunlight exposure in various beds so it may require me to put in different types of cover but I worry about invasiveness of the cover. Will it invade my grass? And is mulch really better? I have considered the following

Creeping thyme
Creeping Phlox
Sedum tiles

Are these good choices? If not can you suggest any other covers?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi ali-I have several hillsides to take care of and have found groundcover plants to work much better also than mulching the areas. I live in a much warmer climate and have always used Asian Jasmine on my hillsides. It is eaily maintained and does well in full sun or shade and is evergreen year round. I don't believe it will do well in your location although I believe it is hardy to zone 7. You may check with your local quality nursery for information this Jasmine. The three groundcovers you have listed would work well on you hillside in both full sun or some shade. I also noted a few groundcover plants that do well on Long Island you may be interested in looking at. You can click on the links below or google the plant names to see pictures and information regarding these groundcovers.



Dwarf Sweetbox

Waldsteinia ternata - Siberian Barren-strawberry

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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