Ferns And Spider Mites

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Can I use neem oil on ferns for spider mites? The last several years they have not been too pretty because of this. I did the white paper test so yes they are mites. I have the old fronds cut off and they are unfurling now. If I can use it, what dilution and how often. Also, would it work systemically as well. I read somewhere on the web that you can. I loved the results of neem on roses.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Tammy-Yes, you can use neem oil on ferns. Depending on what neem oil product you purchase will determine the dilution rate. Always read the mixing instructions carefully in order to gain the best results. There are some delicate or fine textured ferns that could be burnt by too strong a neem oil mix but most ferns will not be harmed by neem oil. You can always mix the neem oil at 1/2 the recommended strength and test it on one or two fronds. Within a couple of days any harmful affects of the oil should be appearent if it is going to harm the fern. Spider mites are not easily controlled at times. It is important you make sure both sides of the fronds are wet with the product. If the infestation is heavy I would treat the ferns every 3 or 4 days. Normally treating once a week for 3 or 4 weeks will control the spider mites. I have never used neem oil as a systemic pesticide. I don't believe I have seen any product labels that note it as being such. There are many that have used the neem oil as a soil drench but from what I have read the results are contradictory. You might want to contact your local Cooperative Extension Service to see if they have any information regarding research with neem oil as a systemic pest control.

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