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i have about 20 of these plants that have been, and are still, knock outs. i live in Gig Harbor, wa. do you think that there is any chance that they may winter over, or should i try to dig them all up and up them in a greenhouse? thanks, susan steck

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Susan-This is a good question. Your hardiness zone of 8a would most likely be too cold for this plant to survive the winter outdoors. The Magic Carpet Yellow Mecardonia is grown as an annual in most locations. Because it is an annual most plant files will not note a hardiness zone for the plant. From what I have found from the patent information and some Cooperative Extension Services the plant can survive a few days down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In your location the plant would most likely not survive the winter months as temperatures can fall to 10 or 15 degrees at times. I have grown a few of these plants in zone 9b but even in this warmer location they didn't do well and were pulled out and replaced with new plants in the spring. From what I have learned this plant does really well not only in warm temperatures during the day but with warm temperatures that don't cool much during the night unlike many annuals. Many annuals' growth will slow down and blooming will stop when night time tempertures don't cool down some. If you can pot the plants up, keep them in bright light, and temperatures at least in the 60s they may survive the cooler months. Most of the time any annuals I have tried to overwinter never seem to have the same nice growth and abundant blooming the second year. Having 20 of these plants, overwintering may be something you want to try if you have a protected warm location. I would also cut the plants back by 1/2 their size in the fall before any freezing temperatures and moving them to a protected area. Let me know what you decide and how you make out if you decide to overwinter your plants.

Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have.


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