Golden Chain Tree

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I have a chain tree that is approx. 2 years old in a 6 zone environment. This year has been very wet in the spring, hot in the summer with very hard evening showers. I noticed today that the leaves on the tree are turning brown. When I peel back the bark it looks very green and moist. I can't see any insects , but wonder if the tree is prone to any insect in particular. I will check the moisture levels and see if there is a concern there, otherwise any suggestions as to what might cause this activity and will it kill the tree ?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jeanie-The Golden Chain Tree (Laburnum x Watereri) from what I know is fairly hardy and very seldom has any serious diseases. Too much water can cause some fungal disease and possibly root rot. This tree requires a well draining soil. If soil has stayed saturated for periods of time this can suffocate the roots not allowing any absorption or nutrients, water, and oxygen which can lead to root rot and fungal diseases. Your hardiness zone should be fine for this tree but unusually hot direct sunlight can cause sun scorching of the leaves turning them brown. The tree does appreciate some relief, especially young trees, from the hot direct sunlight in the afternoon in warmer climates. It is a beautiful small tree but unfortunately I can't grow one well as I live in a very warm climate (Hardiness zone 9b). Some pests such as aphids and mealybugs can attack this tree. These sap sucking insects can also turn leaves brown. Look closely at the top and underside of the leaves. Look for small dots that are green or brown or possibly any mealybugs that is an insect that is coated with a white, powdery wax residue. Is the entire leaf browning or just the tips and or the outer margins? Is there any spotting on the leaves possibly brown spots that enlarge with time and may have a yellow hallo around them? Does the rain or any irrigation have a tendency to puddle for a period of time or does the soil drain quickly? I would first dig down 8 to 12 inches in a few spots around the tree and feel the soil. It should feel cool and moist but never too wet or dry. Fortunately you have found green tissue under the outer bark which would indicate the limbs are still living. If you could upload a picture of the tree and an up close picture of the leaves it would help to identify the problem. Above this and to the right of your name below your question you will see where you can upload any pictures you have saved on your computer. Just click on the 'Upload A Picture' noted in blue text. After any reply to my questions or uploading of any pictures I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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