Orange Rhododendron

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I live in Massachusetts and would like to know if an Orange Rhododendron would survive windows in my zone.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Arlene-The Orange Rhododendron, Don's Variegated Rhododendron, is only hardy to hardiness zone 6. It is possible to grow it in containers and overwinter it indoors but it would not grow indoors well year round. The amount of light and temperatures this rhododendron requires would be difficult to give it indoors. There are some rhododendron that can be grown indoors but this is not easily done. Again it is hard to give the rhododendron the right growing conditions for any nice growth for more than one growing season indoors. Growing rhododendrons in containers takes some special planting mixes and care to give these plants the perfect environment they need. Proper acidic soil mediums, proper drainage, and light are special considerations that need to be given to this plant. Planting soil mixes over time can lose their structure and lead to poor drainage which can lead to the plants death. Repotting every spring really needs to be done to keep the soil draining well and the plants in good health. The rhododendrons also have a shallow but wide root system which would require a fairly large pot to survive for any time at all in a container. Most would work better if the plant was grown outdoors in a container.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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