Competing With Wild Olives, Multiflora Roses And Deer

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I'm working to reclaim a patch of my property (in NJ) that was overrun with invasive Russian Olives and Multiflora roses. I've cut them all down and am working to keep them down. What truly hardy plants (deer resistant and don't require significant maintenance) can I invest in to begin to convert this area into a open wildflower area?

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Answer #2 · Brad Caswell's Answer · John, thanks for posting these sites; I knew of a few but others will be helpful. Oh, and did I say "Mile a Minute" weed is the 3rd invasive species I'm battling here? I don't like fighting with chemicals, but there aren't too many natural options that I can find. Keeping them cut down low and often is about the only way.)

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Brad-You're very welcome. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Sorry to hear you are fighting the Mile a Minute weed. I know a little about this weed and am fortunate not to have to battle it living in a warm climate year round. As you know the best way to eventually eradicate is to pull it up manually or keep it mowed down continually. I guess fortunately it is an annual and spreads only by seed. Keeping it pulled up or cut down early before flowering goes to seed will eventually help. Unfortunately if there are other areas close by seed can be spread easily by birds, other animals, and water. Post emergent herbicides will kill it but when growing over other vegetation this is pretty much impossible without harming the other desirable plants. Pre-emergent herbicides will also help to control the germination of new plants. I found an article that may be of some help with additional information on eradicating vine you may not have seen. You can copy and past this address in you browser ( Let me know how your native garden is coming along.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Brad-This is a good question. Located on the West Coast I'm not familiar with those wildflowers that would work well in your location. I did a little research and found some good sites that may help with obtaining plants that would do well in New Jersey. When on the 'Native Plant Society of New Jersey' site click on 'Wildflower and Garden Conditions'. There you will find plants that will do well in the location you are planting depending on the type of soil, sun or shade, etc.. An open wildflower area would be beautiful. Many of the plant files may also note whether the plant is considered deer resistant. Although deer may be hesitant to feed on some plants, in times of very little food deer unfortunately will eat almost anything. Most of the plants noted on these sites are commercially available. I believe I also saw a suppliers directory on some of the sites.

Just click on the links below to go directly to the articles.

Let me know if these sites were helpful and please ask if you have any other questions. Hopefully other members that are acquainted with your location can add some helpful information also. You might also contact your local Cooperative Extension Service. Most will have information on creating native and or wildflower landscapes.


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