How To Control Grand Daddy Longleg Spiders On My Plants And Around My House

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I realize these are spiders, and not insects, but there's not a separate group for spider questions. :)
Is there any way to keep these buggers out of my landscape? They collect on my porch and I find them all through my lantana and butterfly bush.
I've recently purchased some diatomaceous earth that I'm going to be applying around the house. Will that keep them at bay?

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · I agree with John in that daddy longleg spiders are not harmful but instead are beneficial insects that help to control other pests that damage our plants. Therefore, unless there was a massive infestation of them, I'd never recommend taking any measures to control them. But that's just me. The only insects I will kill are exotic pests such as imported fire ants...and I'll also kill a brown recluse spider if find one in my home.)

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Wow, mentioning the Brown Recluse spider brings back horrible memories of them when I was living in Alabama for a few years. Hopefully there are fewer around these days.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jessica-What most of us know as Daddy Longlegs are not actually spiders. They belong to a group called Opiliones that has many different species. Although not harmful to humans they can be a real nuisance in the fall with their clustering behavior. Actually the Daddy Longlegs are generally beneficial around the home and garden as they eat spiders and pests such as aphids that damage many of our plants.
Never having a problem with this insect myself the few I see around the home and garden are normally killed by a broom around my patio or a vacuum. I looked up recommended treatments to rid the home and garden of them. Talstar One or Bifen IT seems to be preferred by many. Many of the extension services noted that insecticide sprays labeled for exterior use on spiders applied directly to the daddy longlegs found outdoors will work well also. The Daddy Longlegs besides other insects will eat decaying matter also. Cool damp places under shrubs with decaying matter such as leaves can be hidding places. Keeping leaves and other debris cleaned up around the garden may help. I found the Diatomaceous earth will also kill Daddy long legs when spread where they may land. Borax will also work like the diatomaceous earth when spread where you have seen the daddy long legs crawling.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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