Stems And Flower Stalks On Lenton Rose Are Dying

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I recently purchased 6 Hellebore hybrids at the beginning of April and 3 of the 6 aren't doing well. On the 3 that are struggling all of the leaf strands and flower strands are laying down on the ground (quite similar to how sedums look in late fall when the weight of the strands fall to the ground in every direction).

We live in Northeast Ohio and have seen a record amount of rain this April and they are predicting for more rain to come for the coming next few weeks.

Is it the rain that's causing my Lenten Roses to die? Is there anything I can do to save them? They look pretty bad. Any help yhou could provide would be great! Thanks


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Answer #1 · Joshua Christian's Answer · Helleborus prefer well drained soil. Consistently soggy soil could be the problem. It can cause roots to rot, especially on new plants that have yet to become established. But I'm wondering why three of the plants are struggling and three are okay? Are they all planted in the same type of soil with the same drainage? Are they all the same cultivar? Were they bare-root plants or container grown before you planted them?

Not sure if you can save the three that are struggling. If the roots are already rotted they most likely cannot be saved. The only thing I can think of to do is remove them from the ground, put them in containers, and place these where you can monitor the soil moisture. But this would be a lot of trouble to go to if the plants have already suffered too much root rot.)

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