How to determine number of plants for a given area

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Is there a way I can easily determine the number of groundcover plants to go on a large embankment in my landscape?

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Answer #2 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Beth pointed out the easiest way to determine how many plants will be needed to fill a given space. You can also draw the area you intend to plant out to scale on a sheet of paper. Then use a circle template to draw circles that will represent the size of your plants at maturity or at the spacing you intend to use. Make sure to use the same scale for the size of the circles as you used to sketch the area. 1" = 10' is the scale I often use. So, if you are using a 1" = 10' scale, and intend to space your plants 5' apart, you would use a circle from the template with a 1/2" diameter to draw your circles on the paper.)

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Yes, there is an easy way to determine how many plants it will take to cover any given area in your landscape. First, you will need to determine the total square footage of the area you intend to plant with groundcover plants. To measure square footage simply multiply the length by the width of the area. If your embankment is 100' long and 10' wide, the equation would look like this: 100' x 10' = 1,000 Total Square Feet. Once you have your total square footage, and know how far apart you intend to space each plant, then you can use a calculation chart such as one of the charts here: )

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