When And How To Prune A Bubby Bush Sweet Shrub

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My bubba bush is getting too tall, about 6.5 feet now and it is not shapely. When is the best time to prune this and should I cut off all of the branches to about 2-3 feet in height?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Ellen-The Sweet Shrub or Bubby Bush is best pruned after flowering in Spring or early summer. Because flower buds develop from the previous years growth pruning too early will be cutting off the developing flower buds. This shrub recovers well from pruning so pruning it back to your desired height and shape should be fine. As this plant is most likely an older plant I would also thin out the older growth allowing for more sunlight throught the plant and helping with air circulation. Thinning out or cutting out some of the older stems at ground level will help to to force new growth, keeping the plant looking fuller. The Bubby Bush increases not only in height but in width also from sucker growth sprouting at the base of the plant. If you need to reduce the plants width also you can do this by removing some of the suckers as they emerge. I noted the link to the Bubby Bush plant file below. Here you can find information on planting, pruning, and feeding besides information on the plants characteristics.


Hopefully this has helped. Please ask if you have any other questions.


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Ellen Leach

Ellen Leach · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
Thank you! Last year I cut it back and cut the grown level suckers in early summer and it did well. Bloomed this year and lots of new growth. It sits near a ornamental cherry tree (at least this is what I think it is) which has really grown and a nice shade for the cars in the driveway. The Bubby bush appears to like the shade as it does well there. Thank you for taking the time to give me your input. I appreciate it. Ellen

1 year ago ·
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Answer #2 · Ellen Leach's Answer · Thanks, John. This has been most helpful. This Bubba bush is an old bush that produces cantaloupe fragrant flowers so I really want to preserve it and keep it healthy. Thank you again! Ellen)

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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
You're very welcome. Sounds like a great plant with a nice fragrance that some don't have. Let me know how your plant develops after pruning.

5 years ago ·
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