What Miniature Ivy Is Best For Use Indoors In Pots?

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What should be purchased for miniature Ivy for indoors using miniature pots

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Paul-There are several popular ivy plants for miniature gardens. I have found both solid green and variegated forms that have varying shaped leaves. There are a couple of cultivars of the English Ivy (Hedera helix) I have used such as 'Duckfoot' and 'Jubilee' that are really nice in small settings. The ivy pictures below is 'Needlepoint' that will trail longer as I like it to cascade over the pots. Another plant I use as a groundcover in many of my bonsai plants and miniature gardens is the Baby Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii). This groundcover also has a yellow leaf cultivar (Aurea). The Baby Tears is easily cared for and can be mowed down with scissors if you want it really growing tight to the ground. The Creeping Fig (Ficus repens) is another ground cover you might be interested in also. I normally find different miniature ivy plant cultivars at my local quality nursery or garden center. There are several online stores for minature plants also. I found a site that may be of some help with miniature plants that looked like they may be of some help in finding small ground cover plants such as the miniature ivy and others you may not have thought of using. I have never used this site myself but it looked interesting. Depending on the size of pot or gardens you are creating will of course determine how small an ivy leaf you want. Gardener Direct (gardenerdirect.com) is a online store I have used for several quality products needed for my gardens. They also carry some smaller ivy cutlivars you can see when on this site. Spencer at Gardener Direct may also be of help finding other cultivars if you call with any questions you may have. I uploaded a few pictures of small pots I have with both the small ivy and Baby tears. The one picture shows how tight to the ground Baby Tears will grow when pruned down a little. I really like the small leaf ivy and didn't mean to move you towards other ground covers. I just mentioned a few in case you may be looking for others also.



Hopefully this has helped. I you can give me your city and state I may know of a nursery near your location that may help. Please ask if you have any other questions.


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