San Marzano Tomato Plant Has Stopped Flowering

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My plant has stop flowering, what should I do?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi LiWen-There are several reasons why your tomatoes may have stopped flowering. How much direct sunlight do they get during the day. Your plants should be getting at least 6 hours of direct sunlight if not more. Watering is critical as too much or too little water can cause fungal disease or other problems causing poor flower development. Soil need to be kept moist but never to wet or dry. Have you fertilized your plants and if so with what fertilizer? Fertilizaton of tomatoes is important as nutrient deficiencies can cause poor development of flowers and fruit. Tomatoes need regular fertilization with a specialty fertilizer formulated for tomatoes. Many fertilizers with too high a percentage of nitrogen can force plant growth at the expense of developing flowers. Do you know what hardiness zone you are in? If you give me your city and state I can look it up. Temperatures can also be a factor in flower development. Too cool or too hot a temperatures can also stop flowers from developing. Have you had warm temperatures possibly above 90 degrees? Is there any signs of insects on the plants or sign of any damage to the plant's leaves? Is the leaf coloring a nice green or is there any spotting, yellowing, or browning of the leaves? The ph level of the soil can also play a factor in the plants growth and flower development. The soils ph level should be between 5 to 7. You can test your soil ph level by yourself with a simple test kit available at most quality nurseries or garden centers. If your plants were flowering well and stopped quickly I'm thinking it may be a soil moisture, temperature, or nutrient definciency problem. I noted below links to a few articles on watering and care including fertilization of tomatoes that may help. If you can answer the questions hopefully they well help in determining why your plants have stopped flowering. Possibly the articles may help in finding the problem also.


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