Weed Killer Safe To Use Around Wormwood Or Artemesia

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you mention artemesia or wormwood is a good to deter misquitoes. Do you know a weed killer to use around artemesia I know the variety you grow is the same as what I grow and I have a lot of dollar weed mixed in mine and cannot do any weed kill around it without damage to the plants. So I have to hand weed out the dollar weed which is difficult. I phoned the makers of Image and of course they do not know what artemesia or wormwood is. However they took the easy way out and said not to use their product around artemesia if artemesia is not included in their literature as a plant where it is safe to use Image. I thought maybe you have a suggestion for me. I put this same question to you on the end of that article in your misquitoe article.

Kyran Carey

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Kyran - Artemisia is very sensitive to chemical sprays, especially herbicides. I would suggest a technique I used this past spring to successfully eradicate wild strawberry from a large bed of creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia). The wild strawberry is very difficult to pull up in such a dense groundcover. So I used a sponge to swipe straight 41% Glyphosate herbicide (Hi-Yield Killzall) on the leaves of the wild strawberry, being careful not to let any of the glyphosate drip on the desirable plants. In about a week 95% of the wild strawberry was dead. I hit the remaining 5% and now there's no wild strawberry! Just be careful and wear gloves when using chemicals in this way. If a sponge is too big just try dipping the tips of your index finger and thumb in the glyphosate...wearing rubber gloves of course...and wipe the leaves of the dollar weed. If you try this method let me know how it works on the dollar weed.


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