How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Vegetable Garden

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There are several feral cats in my neighborhood and they love my raised vegetable gardens. What is the most organic way to deal with them? I have heard everything from citrus to egg shells. I have tried putting some egg shells but I don't eat enough eggs to produce enough shells. I also tried putting some of my spent coffee grinds. It didn't seem to help but I didn't put a lot of grinds for fear of acidity issues and lack of coffee grinds. If coffee grinds do work, I will go to my local coffee shop and get some of their garden bags. I currently just keep an eye on it and try to scoop out what they leave behind. Any help would be appreciated!

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Keith Davis

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Just a follow-up on this question:
One of my neighbors tried the Coyote urine to no avail - so I didn't try that one.
I tried several types of granules that seemed to work for a brief period of time. The citrus ones worked the best.
I put my dog's hair in the garden and around the perimeter. This didn't do a whole lot b/c these guys are fearless.
Cayenne and/or red pepper - this works well but you have to replinsh often.

What worked the best(ish) for me:
I decided I wanted to put in a more efficient irrigation system this year. Part of my design had about 3-4" of organic mulch on top of my system. The mulch was pretty sharp and seemed to deter the cats from scratching up the dirt. They still tried b/c I could see where they started digging but soon gave up. The key is a THICK layer of mulch that does not have smooth edges.

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Answer #2 · Joshua Christian's Answer · There are both sprays and granules on the market for such a problem. Not sure where you can get them, but any product that contains fox urine will work because fox is a predator of a cat. Try planting a small plot of catnip or cat thyme in a corner of your yard to lure cats away from your garden. You might also try installing motion activated sprinklers, and never miss an opportunity to deter cats with a strong spray from the garden hose.)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Without doing research I'm not sure what to tell you. I do know there are some animal rpelents on the market that are made from Cyote urine. Logic would tell me that cats would not like this odor. Might be worth a try.)

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Answer #6 · Maple Tree's Answer · The movement sensing sprinklers (ScareCrow) work exstemely well on keeping raccoons out of my gardens. We have a lot of cats in the neighbor hood and I have never seen one or have run into one of their fertilization pods in my gardens. I am sure they dislike the scary blast of water as do the raccoons.)

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Answer #5 · Juanita Johnson's Answer · My sister told me to take knee high hose and put dog hair in the toe of it. She gets her dog hair at Petsmart, just in case you don't have a dog. Place the pouches in the garden in various places. The smell will make the cats think a dog is around and they'll leave. Works for squirrels and birds too. She swears by it! I hope this helps.)

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Answer #4 · Jennifer Fletcher's Answer · If you use catnip in a different area of your yard, the cats will go there instead of eating precious plants., well, at least I think it will work.)

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Answer #3 · Jennifer Fletcher's Answer · You can make a "fence" out of cactus plants. It would take a while, but why not?)

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