Asian Jasmine Growing On Driveway

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I have a pretty healthy growth of Asian Jasmine that has grown out onto my concrete driveway. The growth is a about 6' wide by 12' long into the driveway. I would like to move the overgrowth to other areas of my yard. Can I simply cut along the driveway with my string trimmer, cut the growth into a couple of smaller pieces and lay the pieces into other areas of my landscape? I was thinking about covering the exposed cut areas with garden soil and mulch. Would this work?



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Answer #2 · Don Pulliam's Answer · Thanks John. Good Info.


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Maple Tree

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You're very welcome. Like I said, if you have a thick strong growing area of jasmine you might want to try and take out a few plugs you could use in other areas. Hopefully you will continually find this groundcover to be as nice and useful in your landscape as I have.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Don-The Asian Jasmine is a real favorite ground cover of mine. I have grown it for years in the landscape and have covered large areas of hillsides. I believe I have grown it for enough years to remember the dinosaurs chewing on the leaves. The Asian Jasmine is a great groundcover but one that has always been hard to establish. For me it has always taken a couple of growing seasons for it to really take hold and spread even when purchasing it rooted well in containers or flats. There are a couple of ways you can propagate the plant. If you have a thick growing area you can take plugs out to move to other areas. This is taking a sharp shovel and cutting out a 12 inch square area making sure you are taking as much roots as possible then planting this plug in an other area. The jasmine will then fill in the area you removed the plug from. Possibly cutting the plants back close to the driveway and then taking a plug from along the driveway that has plenty of roots would give you a few sections that could be moved to another area. The jasmine left along the driveway will fill in where the plugs had been taken out in time. Another way to propagate this plant is by cuttings taken from some of the older stem wood near the ground. To have a chance of rooting these cuttings they need to be started in a pot filled with a well draining starter or potting soil. I have had very little to no success just planting the cuttings out in the garden although some have done this but the time for the cutting to root and spread will take some time. As you can see the stems that have grown out onto your driveway would be of very little use in propagating this plant without a lot of work to root well enough to become established in other areas. In my opinion the labor and time to root a plant well enough to sustain itself in the garden would be more than most would want to do. Pruning along the driveway to control its spread and purchasing new plants to cover other areas in my opinion would be best.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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