How And When To Divide Red Lion Amaryllis

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When is the best time to separate them and replant

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Sandra - Unlike plants with rhizomes, such as Iris, Amaryllis bulbs aren't cut apart when divided. Instead, the plant produces secondary bulbs off the main bulb that take three to four growing seasons to mature. The secondary bulbs are then ready to be transplanted in their own pots. Amaryllis are usually grown in pots, though they do well in Southern gardens, where there are mild winters.

Not sure if you really want to go through this lengthy process in order to have blooming plants, but here's some instructions. These are instructions for dividing "potted" bulbs.

Divide amaryllis when the leaves die back in the fall for unforced bulbs or early summer for amaryllis that were forced for Christmas season blooming.

1 - Use a sharp pair of hand pruners to trim back all the dead leaves to 3 inches above the soil surface.

2 - Turn the pot your Amaryllis is growing in on it's side to dump all the soil around the bulb onto a table or bench. Use your fingers instead to dislodge the bulbs being careful not to damage them.

3 - Inspect the primary bulb for the joint where the smaller, secondary bulb is attached. Grasp the secondary bulb in your fingers and twist slightly while pulling. The bulb will cleanly snap off.

4 - Replant each bulb in its own pot. Choose pots 2 inches larger than the diameter of the bulb. Plant the bulb just under the soil surface and water well.

Good luck and let us know how things go.


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