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I know how to give a thumbs up to an answer to a question, but how do I "Accept" an answer (approve an answer) that has been given to one of my questions?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Brent - Great question! To "accept" an answer to a question so that other Gardenality members know which answer worked for you as well as to reward those who answer the question with extra Gardenality Points you must press the gray colored check box with the words under it reading "Accept This Answer" - This will officially close the question and award points to the members who took the time to help you out and answer your question.

If you happen to have multiple answers that you used or multiple members with answers that all played a part in your solution feel free to press "Accept This Answer" on more than one answer. It will flag each answer as the accepted answer. Note that this option will ONLY appear when you are logged in to the same Gardenality account that originally asked the question. The accept button will appear directly under the "Rate It" up and down arrows for each answer.

Hope this helps!

~ Chason)

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Thanks! I just accepted your answer:-)

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