How And When To Prune Phalaenopsis Orchid Flowers

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My husband bought me an orchid plant from a florist - it has 2 flowering stems - the plant was purchased back in September - the flowers are now starting to die - the florist told me to put 2 ice cubes once or twice a week in the plant to water it - so what do I do with the flowers and their stems - and will my plant bloom again or once the flowers are gone it is only a plant without flowers

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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Hi Ann-This is a great question but one that is hard to answer without knowing what kind of orchid you have. There are thousands of orchid varieties but several that are commonly sold at the florists, nurseries, and other stores. The pruning of spent flowers and watering of these plants depends of their variety, invironment, soil media, amount of light, etc.. Do you know what type of orchid you have? Was there a tag on the plant? If you could upload a picture of the plant and a close up of the flower it would help to identify it. Above this comment and to the right of your name below your question you will see where you can upload any picture you have saved on your computer. Purchasing it from a florist would lead me to think it may be a hybrid of the Cymbidium or Phalaenopsis orchid. I'm sure knowing what type of orchid you have will not only help me but others more knowledgeable of orchids answer your question. I remember you asked awhile back a question regarding growing orchids indoors. Was just wondering if you are growing this new orchid indoors or outside?

I noted a few links below that may help you to identify the type of orchid you have and their care along with proper watering. Just click on the links or copy and paste them in your browser to go to the articles. Let me know what you find and I or others will definitely get back to you promptly.

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Ann Hoffmann

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I am unable to post a picture but it looking at your links it appears to be a phalaenopsis - it came without any instructions - I have had it only inside so if you can instruct me about the removal of the spent flowers and watering procedures that would be great

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Ann-Making it easier for you to read and so you will have instructions to save regarding the removal of the spent flowers on your Phalaenopis orchid I noted a link to an article that will help. There are pictures that will also show you where to make your cuts on the flower spikes.

When watering your plant you should always water early in the morning so there is complete water evaporation on the foliage and crown of the plant during the warm daytime hours. Water sitting for too long a time on the crown of the plant can cause crown rot. Watering with rain or distilled water is best. You never want to use water that has been softened by a water softener.
The potting medium should never be allowed to dry out completely. Your plant should be thoroughly watered allowing water to drain from the pot and not watered again until nearly dry, but not until bone dry. Watering enough to allow water to drain from the bottom helps to leach out build up of salts in the soil from water and ferilization. When watering you might want to let the water stand for awhile as it is best if the water used is above 60 degrees, not cold. In the heat of the summer in a dry climate, this may be every two to three days, whereas during the winter, it may be every ten or more days. If you are using a tray under your pot be sure to empty the tray so the plant is not sitting in water that can keep the soil saturated causing root rot. After awhile you will know your plant well and learn how much and when to water it without worrying whether it is getting too little or too much water.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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