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Will the Chason Flower survive in Antarctica? I'm an eskimo, and have yet to get anything to live in this ice. I would so love a flower that blooms so wonderfully as the Chason flower.

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · I have grown the Chason Flower and it is one of the most colorful flowering plants in my garden. It is as Chason said a CARNIVOROUS plant and needs to be planted within a wire enclosure to protect anyone from enjoying it to closely. In order for this plant to continually bloom throughout the summer it must be deadheaded continually of any wilting or dead flowers. I have found this chore to be safer when done early in the morning when it is still dark and the temperature is still cold. It is more difficult for the plant to see you coming in the dark and it tends to move more slowly in the cold morning air. The best tool I have found for pruning and deadheading this plant is the Black & Decker 14' Cordless Pole Saw. The tool is light to handle which makes it easy to move quickly with a 14' advantage if the plant decides to move aggressively. The high impact material of the pole stands up well under and during the carnivorous characteristics of the plants bitting and chewing. Hopefully these pruning tips will help you enjoy this plant as I have for years to come. It is best not to plant the Chason Flower in equatorial climates as the short nights and constantly warm weather makes this plant not only aggressive, extremely invasive, but hard to care for.)

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Under the right circumstances the Chason Flower has been known to do well in sub zero temperatures. You must be careful where you place the flower as it is carnivorous and may chow down on unsuspecting penguins. You must also be concerned that the Chason Flower can be susceptible to frost bite. If any of the Chason Flower's petals AKA fingers were to succumb to said bite of frost the production of the web site could be dramatically impacted. Plant at your own risk!)

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