Unripe Tomatoes Rotting And Squishy On The Plant

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Some of the fruit on my early girl bush is squishy (not firm). I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills; We have been having some very hot days. Late afternoon sun is intense. I wonder if that is the problem. I've started placing an umbrella to shade the plant from the late afternoon sun.

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Eleanor - Sorry to hear about your squishy tomatoes. It could be extremely high temperatures but could also be Blossom End Rot (BER). I've uploaded a picture of tomatoes that have BER for you to take a look at.

BER is usually caused by uneven or inconsistent moisture in the soil. Extremes from dry to wet can cause problems. BER can also be caused by a calcium deficiency. However, more often than not it has to do with soil moisture. If the soil is too wet or too dry the plant can't get the calcium out of the soil that it needs to produce healthy fruit.

So, the best way to prevent Blosson End Rot is to start the growing season with a good, healthy soil well endowed with organic matter so the soil has balanced nutrients and will be evenly moist, but well drained. Tomato plants do not like constantly soggy soil. In my small garden (16' x 16', I add about a 1/2 inch layer of mushroom compost to the soil surface and till or turn it in every spring. Mulching around plants will aid in soil moisture retention and cut down on watering, especially in areas that experience very hot and dry summers. I use wheat straw as a mulch. It helps to retain moisture and suppresses weeds.

There are products on the market that might be helpful in preventing BER. One we sell at our nursery is called 'Stop Rot'. These products contain calcium. Check with your local nursery and garden center to see what they carry and maybe give it a try.

If you could upload a picture of your plants and the fruits it might help us with an accurate diagnosis. You can use the Upload A Picture link to the right of where your name appears in your question box.

Hope this info was helpful. If you need more details or have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.


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