Can Cucumber Vines Be Pruned

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my cucumber vines are running all over thretening to take over the whole garden patch was told by a neighbor if i cut the vines back i will kill the the cucumbers and they are just now starting to perduce

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · I've tried pruning cucumber and squash vines before and it has killed the entire plant. In the future, the best thing to do is use a trellis system like John suggested or grow the bush cucumbers instead of the vining ones.)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Michael-Pruning your cucumbers now would remove a lot of developing cucumbers. I have only grown cucumbers once many years ago and am not an expert on them by any means. Moving or handling mature cucumber plants or pruning them I'm told is not something they like and this also may affect their fruit develpment. The nature of vining cucumbers is to spread and take up a lot of space. They can be grown from young plants on a trellis or cages such as those used for tomatoes. You can also make an arch out of strong wire mesh a few feet in height to tie or drape the main vine over so they don't spread out too much. You might want to try this but moving the vine now may break or damage the established stems. If the fruit is not developed yet and becoming heavy you might want to pick up the longer stems and drape them over a low trellis or arch but be very careful not to break the stems. Next year you may want to look for bush form varieties of cucumbers. These bush form varieties would work well in smaller gardens and in pots. I uploaded a picture of an easy way to add some small wire panels that the cucumber can grow or possibly now be draped over that looks as though it would work quite well.

I realize this isn't much help to you this year as your plants are developing fruit now. Hopefully next year growing on a trellis or cage will help in giving you more room for other plants.


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