How To Kill Bermuda Grass Growing In Mondo Grass

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I have Bermuda grass taking over my mondo grass. Is there something I can spray to kill the bermuda without killing the mondo grass. Same for poison ivy, how can I get riid of it in my lirope and not kill lirope

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You can use a chemical called sethoxydim. Sethoxydim is found in several retail products. Hi-Yield Grass Killer, Vantage, and Fertilome Over The Top are three good choices. These products are safe when used to eradicate grasses from Mondo Grass. You should be able to find these products at your local independent garden center.

Glyphosate can be used to kill the Poison Ivy. Glyphosate will also kill Liriope, however, if applied correctly you can eradicate the Poison Ivy while leaving the Liriope with no damage. What you will need to do is apply the Glyphosate, aka Hi-Yield Killlz-All, with a paint brush or sponge directly to the foliage of the Poison Ivy. To do this you will mix the Killz-All as directed on the label with water. You will need a bucket or other container to mix the solution. Dip the brush or sponge in to the water with Killz-All solution and simply apply it to the foliage of the Poison Ivy. Be careful not to let the Killz-All solution make contact with the foliage of the Liriope. Don't worry too much if just a little of the solution gets on the Liriope. A small amount won't be enough to damage the Liriope. Glyphosate works through the foliage and down to the roots, so as long as you are careful you shouldn't see any damage to the Liriope. A small amount of the Killz-All solution making contact with the Liriope shouldn't be enough to cause damage. If you get more than just a small amount on the Liriope make sure to drench the Liriope with water to remove the chemical from it's foliage. Glyphosate usually takes just a week or so to eradicate the weeds.

All of the products mentioned should be available at your local independent garden center or your favorite online gardening store.

I've been in the nursery and garden industry for 35 years now, so you can be confident that my suggestions are accurate.

Hope this helps you!

Brooks Wilson:))

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