How To Update Email Address For Member Profile On Gardenality

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I am trying to update my e-mail address on your site. It won't allow me to do this.

Please help....

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Hi Deb - Did you try changing it through your profile page? If not, make sure you are logged in. Then click on the green 'My Garden' tab in the top right corner area of this page. Then click on the 'My Profile & Account' tab. Then click on the 'Manage My Account' link. Then click on the 'My Info' tab and you should see the link that allows you to change your email. If this isn't working let me know. Thanks! - Brent

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Answer #1 · Deb Bee's Answer · Hi Brent.
I am logged in.
When I get to the Change e-mail link, I click on it. I get a message that says something or other... that contains a button that says OK. If I click on the OK nothing happens. If I don't click on the OK, nothing happens.

I am unable to correct my e-mail .....

Any other suggestions?)

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Hi Deb Bee-I checked on your results and you are right. I get the same results when trying to change my e-mail address. I will send a bug report that Brent or Chason will see and correct this. Thanks for the heads up.

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I've also sent a report to Chason as well. He'll check it out and get it fixed. Either Chason or myself will post back here when the bug is fixed. Thanks for letting us know about this issue and for your patience! I know these bugs can be frustrating. - Brent

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