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The people that cut my yard decided that my bushes needs trimming, problem is I did not want them to trim them, now I have a empty spot in my bed of plants. What type of plants can I put there that will grow fast, or can I put pots such as container gardens to fill the empty spot until or if ever the bush comes back

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Hulene-Answering a few questions would help in getting a better idea of what can be done to fill your enpty spaces. Do you know the name of the plants that were pruned? Many plants recover quickly from heavy pruning therefore planting empty spaces now may mean removing the newly planted or pruned plants in the near future. Some newly planted shrubs may not do well if having to compete with other mature plant root systems. Planting to close to the pruned plants could harm them also. What other plants do you have in this garden? How large a space are you trying to fill (length and width)? Do you have any height requirements? Do you know what hardiness zone you live in? If your not sure you can click on Hardiness Zones in the top right corner of any page in Gardenality to find your zone. If you can give me your city and state I can look it up also.

Potted plants or container gardens may be a great idea to place around your garden filling those empty spaces. Once your pruned plants recover the potted plants can be moved to other areas throughout your gardens or possibly on to a patio or deck. You might also think about purchasing a plant that is already a fair size and keeping it in the nursery container. Many plants will survive for awhile in the container before needing to be transplanted in the ground or a pot. If there is room without damaging your pruned plants root system the nursery container can be buried in the ground for awhile and then pulled up and transferred elswhere at a later date. I do this a lot throughout my garden to fill empty spots during the winter when some plants are looking poorly when dormant. I do this also to change my gardens appearance by adding flowering plants that do well in the cooler months and then pull the potted plant out and replace them with others that do well in the full sun during the summer. If the newly purchased plants will be used temporarily the nursery containers can be covered in ways that may them look nice without purchasing an expensive pot that may only be needed for a short time. When possible it is always best to purchase your plants from a quality nursery or garden center as they should have knowlegable personnel that will know if the plant will grow well for awhile in the container or if it should be transfered to a larger container for the period of time you may need it. I noted a link below that may give you some ideas.

I also noted a few links below to articles in Gardenality that may help give you some ideas for potted plants and container gardens that may help you fill the empty spaces until your pruned plants recover. Just click on these links to go directly to the articles.

If you could upload a picture of the area you are trying to fill it would help in giving you a more complete answer as to whether other plants could be used to fill the empty spaces. Above this answer and to the right of your name, next to edit you question, you will see where you can upload a picture.


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