Can Oakleaf Hydrangea Be Grown In A Container?

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Just curious is it ok to plant an Oakleaf Hydrangea in a large container?

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Can't add much to what John said as he covered everything. If you're looking for a smaller growing Oakleaf Hydrangea you might take a look at 'Pee Wee', which is a dwarf variety that grows half the size of the larger varieties. As John mentioned, when growing shrubs in pots soil drainage is very important. You can put some gravel or small stones in the bottom of the pot around the drainage hole(s) to ensure better drainage. This will greatly reduce the possibility of diseases such as root rot and leaf spot.


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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jennifer-Yes, the Oakleaf hydrangea can be grown in a container. There are advantages to growing in containers, but in doing so it will require more care when it comes to planting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning roots in time if it is to stay healthy. Some cultivars such as 'Alice' and 'Snow Queen' can grow to 8 feet with an extensive root system. Because of this it will have to be repotted every couple of years to a larger container. Once mature these larger varieties will need to be kept pruned along with some root pruning in order to keep them in a container large enough to support the mature plant. A 25 inch diameter container would probably be sufficient to supply the plant with enough soil to sustain the root system with root pruning every 2 to 3 years.

Hydrangeas require a moist well draining soil. Any container they are planted in needs to have holes in the bottom allowing good drainage. It is important to plant the hydrangea in a quality soil mix. Large plants growing in large containers do better if not planted in a straight planting mix. These lighter mixes are fine for smaller plants and annuals, but larger plants need a heavier soil for support and the ability to hold enough moisture without drying out quickly. For larger pots I usually use a 50% mix of planter mix and potting soil. Any quality nursery or garden center can help you with good choices. I never use planting mixes or potting soils that can be purchase at the big box stores. You really do get what you pay for. Among other things I have found these mixes do not have enough coarse particles making them well draining. Over a period of time they become like mud in the bottom of the container blocking drainage. This creates a saturated condition that can quickly cause many root problems.

When planting large pots it is important to remember a pot of this size is going to be quite heavy after planting. Location planning before planting can save a lot of heavy moving. Sometimes it is best to plant the container in its permanent location so moving isn't necessary. I use plant dollies under all my large containers making them easy to clean under and move around my patios. Oakleaf Hydrangeas do best if they receive shade in the afternoon in warmer climates as full sun can burn leaves during hot summer temperatures. The hydrangea needs to be keep moist, not wet, so keeping the container watered so soil never dries out to much may determine where the plant is to be located also.

Container grown hydrangeas can be a beautiful addition to any patio, deck, entryway, or garden. Once planted correctly only some additional care every few years will be needed.

Hope this has helped.


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