Can I Plant Perennial Plants In The Fall?

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Can I plant Black and Blue salvia in the fall? Are there any perennials that should specifically not be planted in the fall?

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Here's an article that provides a list of good perennials that bloom in the fall. You can plant any of these during the fall.

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Answer #4 ·'s Answer · Hi again Pam,

That's great. I'm from Ga. as well and have been in the retail nursery and landscape industry for 34 years. We are almost directly west of you. Our nursery specializes in perennials. We have everything, but we are known for our great selection of perennials. That being said we don't have near the selection in the fall as we do during the spring and summer.

Your question is a great one. Many perennial growers grow their plants in a controlled environment that keeps the plant from ever going dormant. Even in the winter their plants, that should be dormant, will be flushed with tender growth. Some growers keep the new growth forced throughout the year. This is very important when considering whether or not to plant a perennial in Zone 8 during the fall. If a perennial has been grown outdoors or at least in a greenhouse that is NOT artificially heated through the cold season you can plant it during the fall. If the new growth has been forced, the plant shipped to a nursery, and then you buy it, it would be highly susceptible to cold shock or freeze damage. So ask before you buy to make sure the plant has been allowed to go dormant or if it's got forced new growth. If they say it came fresh out of a greenhouse...don't buy it. Or if their perennials are in a heated greenhouse don't buy them. Only buy plants that have adjusted to the colder weather.

Many perennials are safe to plant in the fall or even the winter months. Black and Blue Salvia is among the list of good perennials to plant in the fall. Just make sure that they have been allowed to go dormant normally.

Here's a few more of my favorites:

Zagreb Coreopsis

Black and Blue Salvia

Rudbeckia Goldstrum

Becky Daisy

Lo & Behold Butterfly Bush

For shade: Hosta, Heuchera, and Ferns

Some others: Daylillies, Perennial Salvias, Balloon Flower, Canna Lillies, Gallardia, Drift and Knock Out Roses

Of course there are more, however, the above listed are among my favorites and as well the most hardy if planted in the fall.

If you need more suggestions please feel free to ask me.

Hope this helps you!

Brooks Wilson:))

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Answer #3 · Pam Lacko's Answer · Oh, and by the way, by "fall," I mean the first week or two in October.)

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Answer #2 · Pam Lacko's Answer · I believe it is zone 8A. It is Sharon, GA.)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Pam,

Before answering your question can I confirm that you are in Zone 8A? If you aren't sure just give me the city and state that you live and I can figure out your Zone. Certain perennials are very hardy in Zone 8A, but wouldn't be in zones 2-7. I want to give you accurate information and advise.

Brooks Wilson:))

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