Do swimming pools add value to your property?

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Ive always heard that a swimming pool will detract value from your property. Were thinking about putting a pool in and I want to know if this is true?

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I'm not an appraiser or authority on swimming pools, but I would say that that whether or not a swimming pool would add value to your property would depend on the buyer. There are probably many buyers who would see a swimming pool as a desirable asset and, therefore, might pay more for your home. Another factor you might consider is the type of swimming pool on the property. If it's a real nice in-ground pool this might be more desirable to buyers than a tacky-looking above ground pool.  In any event,

Anyway, you only live this life if you want a swimming pool by all means have one! I wouldn't let these concerns get in the way of having something that will add enjoyment to your life. The worse that could happen is that the pool won't add any value to your property or something could go terribly wrong with it, requiring a lot of work and money to fix it. Make sure you hire a reputable contractor and get plenty of references!)

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