Plants For Full Shade Zone 6B

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What is the best plan a shade garden in zone 6b with poor soil and full shade?

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Hi Kathleen - Are you looking for shrubs, perennials or annuals? If shrubs or perennials, do you want them to stay green year round? Do you want them to flower and, if so, what colors? What height and width would you like them to grow? Where will you be planting these: against the home, under a tree, etc? If you can answer these questions I'll be happy to provide some suggestions for you.


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Answer #1 · Gymgirl *'s Answer · Try hostas.

There are many, many varieties, and wonderful choices of foliage colors. Some are even blue! Also, I have had good success with begonias growing in full shade, and certain Coleus will add a pop of color to a shady area. The sun doesn't bleach out the brilliant colors.

If your area has enough moisture, ferns will grow nicely in full shade. In fact, they prefer moist, shady areas, and will thrive there.



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