Raised bed for annual flowers and bedding plants

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Ive had very little success growing annual flowers like begonias and impatiens in my yard. Someone told me to plant them in raised beds. How do I make a raised bed?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Whoever told you that annual flowers and bedding plants grow best in raised beds was right. You can call these a "raised bed" or "raised mounds."
Most all varieties of annual bedding plants prefer well-drained soils. When planted in a raised bed, the roots of plants will never have to sit in saturated soil for too long. This means the plants won't be nearly as susceptible to root rot and other diseases brought on when the root systems of plants are exposed to too much moisture.
The method you use to build a raised mound will depend on the size of your flower bed.
For small beds, less than 50 square feet in size you can usually get by with simply trenching a ditch around the perimeter of the bed and throwing all the soil removed from the trench into the interior of the bed space. Then thoroughly mix in a quality planting mix at a ratio of around 50% with the native soil removed from the trench. This should allow you enough soil mixture to create a bed that is 6 to 12" high at the center and tapers down to grade at the perimeter of the bed. Smooth the surface of the soil and you are ready to plant.
For larger beds, over 50 square feet, use the same method as above but plan on bringing in some extra native top soil (not top soil sold in bags) to raise the bed to at least 6" in height at the center...the higher the better...but just don't make it so the mound is so steep that water will run off too quickly. Many nursery and garden centers or mulch suppliers carry screened native top soil. Avoid using "fill dirt," always specify "screened" top soil. If there are woods on your property, you might be able to dig up some good top soil there and transport it to your bed with a wheel barrow or in the back of a pickup truck.)

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